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The Fill-In Boyfriend

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

When Gia Montgomery's boyfriend, Bradley, dumps her in the parking lot of her high school prom, she has to think fast. After all, she'd been telling her friends about him for months now. This was supposed to be the night she proved he existed. So when she sees a cute guy waiting to pick up his sister, she enlists his help. The task is simple: be her fill-in boyfriend – two hours, zero commitment, a few white lies. After that, she can win back the real Bradley. The problem is that days after prom, it's not the real Bradley she's thinking about, but the stand-in. 
"You know what we've succeeded in going with this game?"
"What's that?"
"Increasing the anticipation."
He laughed. "I know, right? Can I just be fill-in Bradley forever?"
The Fill-In Boyfriend is exactly what I've come to expect from a Kasie West book (which is great because it totally served its purpose) but nothing …

Stories I Recently Consumed #Throwback

Omg, it has been a while, hasn't it? I always try to be good about my blog but then a new semester comes round and before I know it I don't post anything at all anymore (not quite but almost). This semester is especially bad because of many reasons such as 1. I've got particularly many things going on in my private life (for example: I'm going to see my first climbing worldcup in real life next weekend - I'm so hyped you don't even understand), 2. I've got particularly many things going on in my student life (not many courses but, oh boy, most of them sure are important!), 3. Connected with that: I've got particularly many books to read for my courses and I dislike writing actual reviews for those books, etc. So, I've basically thrown overboard the "monthly reading throwback" thing and I am instead making this a "recent stories" throwback. A lot more convenient. Also, I won't even be writing full reviews for all of the non-u…

The Child Finder

The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld
Three years ago, Madison Culver disappeared when her family was choosing a Christmas tree in Oregon's Skookum National Forest. She would be eight-years-old now – if she has survived. Desperate to find their beloved daughter, certain someone took her, the Culvers turn to Naomi, a private investigator with an uncanny talent for locating the lost and missing. Known to the police and a select group of parents as "the Child Finder," Naomi is their last hope.
Naomi's methodical search takes her deep into the icy, mysterious forest in the Pacific Northwest, and into her own fragmented past. She understands children like Madison because once upon a time, she was a lost girl, too.
As Naomi relentlessly pursues and slowly uncovers the truth behind Madison’s disappearance, shards of a dark dream pierce the defenses that have protected her, reminding her of a terrible loss she feels but cannot remember. If she finds Madison, will Naomi ultim…

Railhead (Railhead #1)

Railhead (Railhead #1) by Philip Reeve
Come with me, Zen Starling, she had said. The girl in the red coat. But how did she know his name? The Great Network is a place of drones and androids, maintenance spiders and Station Angels. The place of the thousand gates, where sentient trains criss-cross the galaxy in a heartbeat. Zen starling is a petty thief, a street urchin from Thunder City. So when mysterious stranger Raven sends Zen and his new friend Nova on a mission to infiltrate the Emperor's train, he jumps at the chance to traverse the Great Network, to cross the galaxy in a heartbeat, to meet interesting people - and to steal their stuff. But the Great Network is a dangerous place, and Zen has no idea where his journey will take him.
"It's called the Pyxis," said Raven. "Don't let the fancy name intimidate you. It just means 'box' in one of those Old Earth languages, Roman or Spanish or Klingon..."
Sometimes when we read a book it…

Das Grauenvolle Grab (Lockwood & Co. #5)

Das Grauenvolle Grab (Lockwood & Co. #5) von Jonathan Stroud
Lockwood & Co. lösen ihren schwierigsten und letzten Fall!
In ihrem letzten Abenteuer begeben sich die Agenten von Lockwood & Co. auf eine lebensgefährliche Mission: Sie brechen in das mit Sprengfallen gesicherte Mausoleum ein, in dem die legendäre Agentin Marissa Fittes ruht. Doch tut sie das wirklich? Und das ist nur eine der alles entscheidenden Fragen, deren Antwort die blutjungen Agenten ergründen müssen. Erst dann können sich Lockwood & Co. ihren Widersachern, seien sie lebendig oder aus dem Reich der Toten, in einer letzten gewaltigen Auseinandersetzung stellen. Damit ihnen dies gelingt, müssen sie sich auf die Hilfe einiger völlig unerwarteter und ungeheuer unheimlicher Verbündeter einlassen.
Achtung: Ich werde gar nicht erst so tun, als würde ich darauf achten, keine Spoiler einzufügen. Dies ist der 5. und letzte Teil einer Reihe, ich habe zu viele Gefühle für wage Andeutunge…

Disappointment: Why It Is the Worst

(I started writing this post quite a while ago and I meant to post it before my semester started but then things happened and I didn't have the time to finish it and now the semester has started and I have even less time! What I'm saying is: I'm sorry my blog is so empty at the moment.)

Before I get into this I want to make a couple of things clear:
I think it is important to read books you dislike at least every now and then (if you read a lot). On the one hand, I'm pretty sure it not only keeps my head awake it also provides sensibility to certain problematic aspects in stories (it's so much easier to detect flaws – and why said flaws are flaws/how they could be not-flaws – in books we are already not liking all that much) and, on the other hand, it often feels like a bad book makes space in your heart (when I read a lot of great books in a row it often feels, at some point, like I can't properly appreciate said books anymore and like $2my passion is running l…

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay
New York Times bestselling author Roxane Gay has written with intimacy and sensitivity about food and bodies, using her own emotional and psychological struggles as a means of exploring our shared anxieties over pleasure, consumption, appearance, and health. As a woman who describes her own body as "wildly undisciplined," Roxane understands the tension between desire and denial, between self-comfort and self-care. In Hunger, she casts an insightful and critical eye on her childhood, teens, and twenties-including the devastating act of violence that acted as a turning point in her young life-and brings readers into the present and the realities, pains, and joys of her daily life.
This is not a book that will offer motivation. I don't have any powerful insight into what it takes to overcome an unruly body and unruly appetites. Mine is not a success story. Mine is, simply, a true story.
This is the first book by Roxane G…

Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
A bank of clouds was assembling on the not-so-distant horizon, but journalist-mountaineer Jon Krakauer, standing on the summit of Mt. Everest, saw nothing that "suggested that a murderous storm was bearing down." He was wrong. A storm which claimed five lives and left countless more – including Krakauer's – in guilt-ridden disarray.
"With enough determination, any bloody idiot can get up this hill," Hall observed. "The trick is to get back down alive."
At some point during this book Krakauer states that people who climb Everest usually are very aware of the risk they take but they want to do it anyway because that's, basically, how climbers work: always searching for a new thrill. As a climber myself I can only affirm the truth of this observation because never before have I wanted to climb Everest so badly as I do now, that is after I've read this book about all the unexpected ways how the ascent/descen…

The Memory of Light

The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork
16-year-old Vicky Cruz wakes up in a hospital's mental ward after a failed suicide attempt. Now she must find a path to recovery - and perhaps rescue some others along the way.
But right now we have at least one thing in common: We are both here at Lakeview, failures at the thing called living.
This book is a little bit like being punched in the diaphragm in the beginning - especially if you've already experienced any kind of mental illness-thingy - and then slowly learning how to breath again. Which is to say that it was hard to not cry right at the beginning (approximately five seconds after I had started reading this book I already regretted it because I was waiting at the train-station and, while laughing because of books in public is something I've done so often I can't really feel embarrassed about it anymore, crying in public is new to me and I want it to be new to me forever) and impossible not to cry at the e…

Throwback October - January

Oh, God, it has been a while, hasn't it? Well, I'm really sorry about that but, frankly, I've been so busy with university that it wouldn't have even warranted doing on of these each month because I didn't get round to reading all that much. Moreover, writing these takes up quite a bit of time and, let me tell you, time hasn't been something I could just hand out whenever I wanted recently (I'm exaggerating but also not really). Sooo... what did I read/listen to between October and January? Let me tell you:
What I read: October:Choke by Chuck Palahniuk - 292 pages - 3 starsRobinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe - 320 pages - 1.5 starsTokyo Ghoul 6, 7, 8 by Sui Ishida - 208 pages - 2, 2.5, 3 stars (respectively)
I can't say that much about this series other than: it's just not my thing. They have gotten better (obviously) but I have, by now, given up on reading the rest (I read volume 9 but the 10th one was lying around in my room for weeks and I never felt…

New Books: The Christmas and Upcoming Semester Edition

I'm trying a new thing! A book haul, obviously, of the books I acquired/received within the last months. Honestly, these are a lot of books, especially for my standards. I usually get 2-3 new books every couple of months (unless I find some on the street/go to a secondhand bookstore but then again those aren't "new" books A bracket presented to you by: me justifying excessive book-buying) but my family is awesome and likes to give me lots and lots of books as presents. Also this haul includes the books I knew I'd need to get for the next semester. (Plus three more books I purchased for various other reasons.) So, yeah, I don't know whether people are actually interested in this but I thought I'd give it a shot, it's not like I could do this often.  Christmas Presents Fun fact: These are all books I'm suuuper excited about. My family made me create a list of books I really want to read so they could have a reference for presents (though there is o…