Drop Dead Demons (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #2)

Drop Dead Demons (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #2) by A & E Kirk


Aurora Lahey finally knows why supernatural slayers salivate to slaughter her, but how to stop them? Not so much. Sure, she's discovered her own lethal powers, and has six sexy, super-charged, demon hunting Hex Boys watching her back–the hottest one watching every part of her. But when a seductive stranger delivers a deadly ultimatum, Aurora and the Hex Boys plunge into a do-or-die hunt for a legendary Mandatum treasure, which will finally shift power in their favor. Or unleash hell on earth.


"She's gone from a love triangle to a kinky sex pentagon."

This was such a delight to read! Honestly, it's able to bright up even the worst of days because you just can't help laughing/giggling constantly. It's a lot of Stupid Fun – yes, with capital letters. If you're able to just shut off your head and laugh at hormonal-super-talented-demon-slaying teenagers engaging in weird kinky sex pentagons (well, actually, there is no weird kinky sex pentagon but you get the gist) you totally have to pick these books up!

"At least I know you are American."
Crap! "What? I bloody am not…mate."
"That could be the worst Australian accent I ever heard."
"That's because…I'm British. Jolly good. Pip, pip! Long live the queen!"
He flicked me an amused glance and kept tapping keys. "Not British either."
"Alright, fine, I'm a lass from Ireland. Top of the morning, boyo!"
"So you are not in Australia, England or Ireland. Thank you."

Pretty much everything I could say about series I've already mentioned in my Demons at Deadnight review and my opinions haven't changed really while reading the second book. What I want to acknowledge, though, is that the style of writing seems to have become even more creative than in the last book. Especially when trying to describe the good looks of certain young lads in the immediate vicinity of a certain young lady and/or trying to describe the overwhelming danger of life-threatening situations.

"Do we run?"
"Nah," I smiled. "Only one of them wants to kill me."
"You're a strange girl."

Also: I can't wait for the next book. If you have any possibly excuses for me to defy my rules against "unnecessarily buying new books when I still have so many unread books lying around" please do send them my way, they will be very much appreciated.

Jenny lifted a shoulder. "Decent work, lass."
Matthias looked unimpressed. "About time."
Wow. Killer support team.

And, because I don't actually have much more to say about this book, I'm going to leave you with only a small handful of some of the quotes that made me laugh/giggle/snort/any-other-synonym-for-delighted-noise.

"So how is all this brilliant knowledge supposed to help me control the explody thing?"
"Explody thing?" Jenny said.
I nodded. "It's a technical term."

He had such faith in me. It was so adorable.
And so utterly stupid.

"Not a chance," I said. "You should have told me." Yeah, Aurora, because you're always so upfront about everything. Shut up, Aurora. No, you shut up.

Mrs. Grant glanced at her husband. "She's always so fidgety. Like a canary." She narrowed her eyes at me. "I hate canaries."
I squeaked again. But not like a canary. I hoped.

Blake pursed his lips. "Potato, Romano. Same difference."
Logan looked up at the big guy. "Do you even hear yourself?"
Blake beamed. "I'm my biggest fan."

I counted to three– Okay, maybe it was eight…or even twelve, but who's counting? Oh, right, that would be me. Well, at the count of whatever number it was when my guts finally overpowered my sheer terror, I sprung the lid and leap out swinging. 

Focus Aurora. You were trained for this. Kind of. Okay, not really.

I realize this wasn't the optimum time to be contemplating my love life, because, let's face it, if the life part was soon to be snuffed out, the love aspect wouldn't matter much. But seriously, what guy makes a big hullabaloo about us finally having time alone then cancels last minute?

Trust me: I could carry on like this for hours. But you should read the book for yourself.


It wasn't quite as funny to me as the first book but I think that has more to do with the circumstances of my reading the book and less with the actual book and I do still love pretty much everything about it. Hence: 5/5 stars.


Name: Drop Dead Demons
Series:  Divinicus Nex Chronicles
Author: A & E Kirk
Previous Books in this Series: Demons at Deadnight (Drop Dead Demons #1)
Pages: 598
Where?: Amazon


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