Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallagher Girls #2)

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallagher Girls #2) by Ally Carter


Cammie Morgan may have a genius IQ and attend the best school in the country, but as she starts the spring semester of her sophomore year there are a lot of things she doesn't know. Like will her ex-boyfriend even remember she exists? And how much trouble did she really get in last semester? And, most of all, exactly why is her mother acting so strangely?
All Cammie wants is a nice, normal semester, but she's about to learn her greatest lesson yet—that when you go to a school for spies, nothing is ever as it seems.


And you utilised your training to develop a relationship with The Subject?”
“Gee, when you say it like that—”
“Yes or no, Ms—”
Which, I would like to point out, is not nearly as bad as it sounds since, for example, you don’t need a search warrant to go through someone’s rubbish. Seriously. Once it hits the kerb it is totally fair game – you can look it up.

So, okay, after I read the last (rather, first) book of the Gallagher Girls I wasn't so sure whether I wanted to continue with the series but I figured I'd give it a shot and downloaded the e-book in preparation for my current "read the rest of Sherlock Holmes alternately with some of the e-books because you already have so freaking many of those, you seriously need to cut down on that pile" (I might have missed the point by getting a new e-book for that purpose but please don't tell me that, it's a secret). And, if there is anything I have learned from reading this book it's that I really want to continue this series.

Liz's parents drive Volvos and serve on school committees and have never had to kill a man with a copy of Hello magazine. (Not that anyone can prove my mom actually did that – it’s totally just a rumour.)

Sure, it's still not a perfect book but it also doesn't need to be! There is action (although Cammie continues to mess things up whenever there's a boy around. Seriously, pull yourself together; I want to see you kick-ass not freeze-up.), there is friendship, there are undercover-missions and, most importantly, there is a lot of fun.

I don't know what it was about this book that triggered the "fun" part of my brain so much more than the last one managed to. Maybe I'm more susceptible to humor when I'm reading a book in English rather than German? Well, no, that's a stupid theory but the translation could have had something to do with it, which is why I definitely want to continue reading these in English, which is why I can't just walk to my trusted library and get the entire rest of the series at once and swallow them whole – figuratively speaking –, which is why I'm feeling very disappointed by the fact that this book was so incredibly short/short-lived/quick to read. Anyway, I thought this was waaay more fun than the last book, I actually laughed out loud a couple of times and if I wasn't laughing I was probably grinning.

"Study." Macey cocked a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “Next time I’ll get all A’s.” And then she smiled as if, after sixteen years of practice, she’d finally found the ultimate way to defy her parents.

Moreover, I was much more interested in the conflict this time around. I was never terribly interested in Josh but the Blackthorne boys posed an intriguing mystery I was as keen on solving as Cammie & Co. (and still am keen on solving. Seriously, a little more info would have been nice.)

My hopes for the next book are the following: More Mr Mosckowitz moments, more Cammie-being-a-professional-spy, more Liz and Bex and Macy, more solving spy-mysteries, less moping, more secret missions, and a surprise (I know, I know they're usually no good for spies but I'm no spy and I like surprises and surprised people. I might also be a tad evil.)

I told myself that maybe it was just coincidence that Tina Walters had been swearing for years that there was a boys’ school in Maine. After all, Tina also swore that Gillian Gallagher was a direct descendant of Joan of Arc. Tina swears a lot of things. Tina is frequently wrong.


Look, I know I've been giving a lot of book the same rating lately but I don't really care because that's just how I feel: 4/5 stars.


Name: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
Deutscher Titel: Mädchen sind die besseren Spione
Series: Gallagher Girls
Author: Ally Carter
Publisher: Orchard Books
Pages: 264 (But it feels more like 150 pages. Sadly.)
Where?: Amazon (English edition), Amazon (Deutsche Ausgabe)


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