The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes #9)

The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes #9) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


In this, the final collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures, the intrepid detective and his faithful companion Dr Watson examine and solve twelve cases that puzzle clients, baffle the police and provide readers with the thrill of the chase.


"No, no, you are joking, Holmes!"
"Even my limited sense of humour could evolve a better joke than that."

That's it? Wow, I'm kind of, weirdly, surprised. It feels like these could go on but, nope, there's no more. Luckily, after I read His Last Bow I learnt that I shouldn't read all of the stories in one bulk so this time around I read the stories in-between other books/junks of books which worked out so much better. I felt really engaged and the stories were able to fascinate me properly. 

"That process," said I, "starts upon the supposition that when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth."

Evidently, the character-moments I've come to like so much have been rather generously distributed throughout The Case-Book. Honestly, I can't see how anyone could resist Holmes and his condescending genius deductive skills. Sadly, even his reign had to end somewhere and I do love the note it ended on:

"You can file it in our archives, Watson. Some day the true story may be told."


4/5 stars. There's nothing more to add.


Name: The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
Deutscher Titel: Sherlock Holmes' Buch der Fälle
Series: Sherlock Holmes
Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 320


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