The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials #3)

The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials #3) by Philip Pullman


Will is the bearer of the knife. Now, accompanied by angels, his task is to deliver that powerful, dangerous weapon to Lord Asriel - by the command of his dying father.
But how can he go looking for Lord Asriel when Lyra is gone? Only with her help can he fathom the myriad plots and and intrigues that beset him.
The two great powers of the many worlds are lining up for war, and Will must find Lyra, for together they are on their way to battle, an inevitable journey that will even take them to the world of the dead...


"And I came to believe that good and evil are names for what people do, not for what they are. All we can say is that this is a good deed, because it helps someone, or that's an evil one, because it hurts them. People are too complicated to have simple labels."

I have to admit that I mainly read this book to complete the trilogy and not for any other reason. Meaning that I didn't expect to enjoy this book particularly, on the contrary, I expected to just read it superficially and then be done with it. And that's what I got. Sure, there were some enjoyable passages but I was just generally not all that interested in the story so it's not like it suddenly blew me away.

What I did like, though, was the "moral" aspect of the story (see the quotation above). However, I thought it was a little bit overdone. Somehow everyone suddenly decides that they want to be "good" and redeem themselves or something because reasons? 

Furthermore, I really wasn't a fan of the whole love aspect at the end. I would have preferred friendship, if a loving one. And I'm also not really a fan of the further increase in points of view, which is a shift one could already observe in the second book but, somehow, became even more extreme in this instalment.

Well, at least I'm done with this trilogy! I'm always happy to finish a series.

"Thank you," she said to her … her what? Her steed? Her cycle? Both ideas were absurdly wrong for the bright-eyed amiability that stood beside her. She settled for – friend.


Uff, you know, I really don't think this book deserved anything less than 2/5 stars. Maybe, if I'd been invested, it might have deserved more than that but, alas, that wasn't the case.


Name: The Amber Spyglass
Deutscher Titel: Das Bernstein-Teleskop
Series: His Dark Materials
Author: Philip Pullman
Previous Books in this Series: The Golden Compass (#1), The Subtle Knife (#2)
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 548
Where?: Amazon (English edition), Amazon (Deutsche Ausgabe)


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